This Center’s fees applicable to the Mediation Procedure for International Custody Disputes are as follows.
However, upon the Foreign Minister’s decision to assist under the Article 6 or Article 17 of the Implementing Law of the Hague Convention responding to one party’s petition for assistance, the Japanese Central Authority will pay these applicable fees directly to the Center and no party needs to make these payments.
However, there will be a limitation of the total amount of payments to the Center by the Japanese Central Authority and in that case these fees have to be paid by the parties.

Application Fee JPY 30,000

Initial Application Fee Remaining Application Fee

JPY 10,000

JPY 20,000

  • ※Initial Application Fee is due when the application is submitted to the Center.
  • ※The remaining Application Fee is due when the Center confirms respondents intention to participate in the mediation.

Settlement Award Fee

JPY 100,000

  • ※Settlement award fee may be reduced by up to 50% depending on the case.
  • ※The Settlement award is due when the Settlement agreement between parties is made.
  • ※Any paid fee will not be returned for any reason.